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  • Scaling the construct androgyny: Reply to Willemsen.
    Miller, Susan M.; Kottke, Janet L. // Psychological Reports; Oct93, Vol. 73 Issue 2, p623 

    Addresses author T.M. Willemsen's critique of researcher Janet Kottke's study on the enigma of androgyny. Definition and measurement of masculinity, femininity and androgyny; Cognitive structuring of masculinity and femininity; Researchers' orthogonal view; Lay public's bipolar view;...

  • The boys on MTV.
    Gandee, Charles // Vogue; Jun93, Vol. 183 Issue 6, p124 

    Describes the use of women's clothing by young male performers on stage and in concerts. `In Bloom' video by Nirvana; Use of dresses by Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2; Appearance of the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots wearing female clothing at the Spring Break `93.

  • On the bipolarity of androgyny: A critical comment on Kottke (1988).
    Willemsen, Tineke M. // Psychological Reports; Feb93, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p327 

    Examines Kottke's ideas on androgyny as undimensional and whether this concept could be assessed with a single bipolar Masculinity-Femininity scale with Androgyny as a midpoint. Designations of sexuality; Self-perception of androgyny; Theoretical points needing consideration; More.

  • Androgyny.
    Willemsen, Tineke M. // Columbia Dictionary of Quotations from Shakespeare; 1998, p16 

    The article presents two quotations related to the term "androgyny" taken from the plays "Twelfth Night," and "Sonnet 20," both written by William Shakespeare.

  • Those great old androgynous saints.
    Batz, Jeannette // National Catholic Reporter; 05/01/98, Vol. 34 Issue 26, p18 

    Focuses on the idea that all saints are androgynous. Androgyny as a source of power; Traits of saints that are considered to be androgynous; Scary aspect of androgyny.

  • Erratum: Androgyny and Sex-Typing: Differences in Beliefs Regarding Gender Polarity in Ratings of Ideal Men and Women (Vol. 9, No.4).
    Batz, Jeannette // Sex Roles; Jul83, Vol. 9 Issue 7, p847 

    A correction to the article "Androgyny and Sex-Typing: Differences in Beliefs Regarding Gender Polarity in Ratings of Ideal Men and Women" published in the Vol. 9, No. 4 issue is presented.

  • BUTCH.
    Batz, Jeannette // Advocate; 8/27/75, Issue 171, p24 

    Focuses on the manhood of gay men. Signs of drifts toward androgyny; Preference for one night stands.

    Neimeyer, Greg J.; Banikiotes, Paul G.; Merluzzi, Thomas V. // Social Behavior & Personality: an international journal; 1981, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p49 

    Seventy-two androgynous and sex-role stereotyped male undergraduates participated in a study which sought to explore the possible cognitive mediation of sex-role orientation. After reading a paragraph consisting of contrived thought listings of an individual considering the purchase of a car, Ss...

  • The new androgyny.
    di Costanzo, Diane // Self; Jul94, Vol. 16 Issue 7, p66 

    Features women in head-to-toe menswear. Collections of Helmut Lang, Dolce & Gabbana and others; New androgyny which means both male and female.

  • Consumer Republic.
    Goldman, Debra // Adweek Midwest Edition; 11/20/2000, Vol. 41 Issue 47, p22 

    Discusses the giving of boy names to girls. Comparison of the names of boys and girls; Why parents give children androgynous names; Superiority of girls over boys in education.

  • boy meets girl.
    Goldman, Debra // Cleo; Oct2010, p36 

    The article focuses on the androgyny trend in fashion as of October 2010.

  • The Value of Androgynous Management.
    Powell, Gary N. // SAM Advanced Management Journal (07497075); Spring89, Vol. 54 Issue 2, p10 

    Discusses the theories of management. Reasons behind the need for managers to be androgynous; Overview of androgyny and management theory; Linkage between sex role stereotypes and behavioral theories of leadership; Implementation of androgynous management.

  • Christian Gnosticism: The road not taken.
    Galambos, Michaela // Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide; Jul/Aug2002, Vol. 9 Issue 4, p19 

    Focuses on Christian Gnosticism. Belief on the legitimacy of Christian Gnosticism; Assumption on the androgynous orientation of the human spirit; Presumptions on transgenderism.

  • Androgyny predicts empathy for trainees in medicine.
    Yarnold, Paul R.; Martin, Gary J. // Perceptual & Motor Skills; Oct93, Vol. 77 Issue 2, p576 

    Examines the relation of androgynous predisposition to empathy. Results suggesting a bias in favor of an empathic orientation towards patients; Test of the hypothesis that androgyny is positively related to empathy using univariate optimal discriminant analysis; Modest predictive accuracy for...

  • My life as a man.
    Carroll, E. Jean // New York; 08/25/97, Vol. 30 Issue 32, p96 

    Presents the author's viewpoint about wearing men's clothing. The author reveling in being a woman and the power inherent in wearing men's clothes; The added confidence and decreased thigh mass achieved by donning a swan-white John Travolta disco suit; The glory of the author's first time of...

  • Against Androgyny.
    Redding, James // First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion & Public Life; Nov1990, Issue 7, p2 

    Presents a letter to the editor in response to the article "Recognize That the American Family Dilemma is Androgynous," by David Blankenhorn in the August/September 1990.

  • Childhood Tomboyism and Adult Androgyny.
    Burn, Shawn Meghan; O'Neil, A. Kathleen // Sex Roles; Mar96, Vol. 34 Issue 5/6, p419 

    Examines the impact of childhood tomboyism on adult androgyny. Features of the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) and tomboyism index completed by the participants; Total number of participants in the study; Statistically significant correlations between tomboyism scores and BSRI adjective ratings.

  • The Androgynous Body and Mind.
    Browne, Merry // Journal of Religion & Psychical Research; Oct2003, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p216 

    Discusses several issues relevant to androgyny and sex differences.

  • Prisoner of gender.
    Gaudoin, Tina // Harper's Bazaar; Jun93, Issue 3378, p115 

    Discusses issues on androgyny. Politics in gender blending; Women forced to act and dress like men on order to gain power; Parallelism between cybernetics and androgyny; Nature versus nurture debate; Fusing of male and female symbolism among rock stars; Projection in movies; Sex-change...

    Clark, Peter // Advocate; 5/27/82, Issue 343, p54 

    Focuses on the concept of androgyny in operas. Impersonation of other sex in opera; Origin of the pants role; Emergence of castrati.

  • The Androgynous Visual Piety of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and St. Clare and St. Francis.
    Beldio, Patrick // Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies; 2015, Vol. 28, p11 

    The article examines the similarities and differences of the androgyny in the visual information and practice of religious belief in the Integral Yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi.

  • Sex, Androgyny, Prostitution and the Development of Onnagata Roles in Kabuki Theatre.
    Birk, Sara K. // Japanese Language & Literature; 2011, Vol. 45 Issue 2, p568 

    The article mentions the availability of copies of the article regarding the role of sex, androgyny and prostitution in Kabuki Theatre.

    Smith, Stephen C.; Ellis, Jon B.; Benson, Trisha A. // Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal; 2001, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p43 

    Androgyny is a gender role that has several positive characteristics such as adaptive coping strategies and less violent viewpoints. To examine the relationship between gender, gender roles, and attitudes towards violence, 161 individuals were administered the Bern Sex Role Inventory and a...

  • Sex-role orientation and satisfaction with life.
    Ramanaiah, Nerella V.; Detwiler, Fred R.J. // Psychological Reports; Dec95 Part 2, Vol. 77 Issue 3, p1260 

    Examines the theory that androgynous people are more satisfied with life than others. Administration of the Personal Attributes Questionnaire and the Satisfaction with Life Scale to 245 undergraduates; Relationship between Bem's sex-role typology and life satisfaction.

    MA;AMIDIS, PETROS // Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Psychologia-Paedagogia; Jun2011, Vol. 56 Issue 1, p3 

    The present paper subscribes to recent preoccupations regarding the role and implications of gender identity formation upon adaptation and upon pathology implicitly. In the present study we proposed to investigate mainly the relation between androgyny and depression in the context of two...

  • androgynous.
    MA;AMIDIS, PETROS // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009); 2009, Issue 21, p115 

    Definitions of the term "androgynous," which can mean resembling or pertaining to an androgynoid or having no definite sexual characteristics, are presented.

  • Androgynous zones and other political hot spots.
    Mitchell, Dave Oswald // Briarpatch; Mar/Apr2009, Vol. 38 Issue 2, p2 

    The author reflects on the issues involving gender. He argues on the designation of gender as a women's issue. He views on the impact of gender-based violence as well as discrimination on individuals. The author also suggests having androgynous zones for men and women to learn and address issues...

  • Gender roles and decision-making in demographically diverse groups: A case for reviving androgyny.
    Kirchmeyer, Catherine // Sex Roles; May96, Vol. 34 Issue 9/10, p649 

    Examines the gender roles of members of demographically diverse groups and the outcomes of group decision-making. Higher quality decisions made by groups with high levels of androgyny across members; Need for further investigation of androgeny in settings where complex social interaction occurs...

  • A Placebo that cures.
    Rogers, Ray // Interview; Oct96, Vol. 26 Issue 10, p52 

    Features the rock group Placebo. Feminine appearance of the group's lead singer, Brian Molko; Molko's remarks concerning his appearance.

    Sax, Leonard // World & I; Oct2001, Vol. 16 Issue 10, p263 

    Looks at the shift from a male-dominated culture to a feminine or an androgynous society in the United States. Manifestation of the feminization of psychology; Feminization of entertainment and politics; Potential correlation between environmental estrogen effects and changes in human...

  • Review of Periodicals.
    Tiffany, Grace // Shakespeare Newsletter; Spring/Summer2006, Vol. 56 Issue 1, p19 

    The article presents readers' comments on articles published in theatrical journals. The articles include "Many Bodies, Many Voices: Performing Androgyny in Fiona Shaw and Deborah Warner's Richard II" in a 2006 issue of the "Theatre Journal," and "Othello and Beijing Opera: Appropriation as a...

  • The androgynous blend: Best of both worlds?
    Sargent, Alice G. // Management Review; Oct78, Vol. 67 Issue 10, p60 

    States that managers and their organizations can benefit from a blend of masculine and feminine traits. Association of organizational norms to male and female norms; Concept of the manager as a rational and analytical problem-solver; Shift towards a style that encompasses human relations...

  • Androgyne Online.
    Feldman, Stephe // Transgender Tapestry; Fall/Winter2004, Issue 107, p38 

    Analyzes androgyny and androgynes. Comparison of androgynes with transsexuals; Challenges of psychological androgyny; Difference between sex and gender.

    Chernyak, D. M. // Pacific Medical Journal / Tihookeanskij Medicinskij Zurnal; 2013, Vol. 51 Issue 2, p70 

    The experiment conducted on white mice has allowed studying biological activity of Sosnovsky cow parsnip (introducent) and Mellendorf cow parsnip (representative of indigenous flora known to occur in the south areas of Primorsky Krai) for toxicity and gonadotrophic effects. As reported, the...

  • Effeminacy in Pre-Stonewall America.
    Picano, Felice // Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review; Fall98, Vol. 5 Issue 4, p41 

    Comments on an article by Ginu Kamani about sexism and gay men. Kamani's argument that effeminacy and androgyny were meant to signify resistance to the sex-and-gender system that kept gay people oppressed in the pre-Stonewall era; Issue of whether writers are allowed to rewrite lesbian and gay...

    Em; Wilkinson, Jill; Louisa; Vicky; Harris, D.; Ana // Diva; Jan2012, Issue 188/189, p10 

    Several letters to the editor are presented in response to articles in previous issues including "Girls Will Be Boys," in the December 2011, lesbianism and men reading fishing periodicals.

    Em; Wilkinson, Jill; Louisa; Vicky; Harris, D.; Ana // Columbia Dictionary of Modern Literary & Cultural Criticism; 1995, p11 

    A definition of the term "androgyny" is presented. The term is derived from the Greek words andro which means male and gyn which means female, that suggests an identity based on the union not of male and female biological characteristics but of those traits conventionally referred as masculine...

  • Androgyny (Book Review).
    Ujhely, Gertrud B. // Library Journal; 12/1/1976, Vol. 101 Issue 21, p2498 

    Reviews the book 'Androgyny,' by June Singer.

  • Twenty-Five Years After the Bem Sex-Role Inventory: A Reassessment and New Issues Regarding Classification Variability.
    Hoffman, Rose Marie; Borders, L. DiAnne // Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development; Apr2001, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p39 

    Reexamines the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) with respect to the extent of variability among respondents' BSRI classifications, its variability as a research tool, and theoretical and methodological issues. Definitions of androgyny and gender schema theory; Development of the BSRI in 1974;...

    Hong, Ivy; Rust, John // Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal; 1989, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p215 

    Androgyny and openness to experience were both investigated in a population of 100 Chinese people living in England. Androgyny was measured by the Bem scale, and openness to experience by the a scale developed by Coan. It was found that the androgynous subjects showed more openness to...

  • On the Task of Letting Go: A Woman's Paradoxical Journey.
    Isaacs, Marjorie McKelvey // Journal of Counseling & Development; Oct88, Vol. 67 Issue 2, p86 

    In this article the author discusses her relationship with a middle aged woman named Annette. Annette was a very attractive, middle aged woman, who had been selected for the advanced training program. There were three advanced trainees. They spend at least 10 hours together each week with...

  • Counselor Sex Role Orientation, Flexibility, and Working Alliance Formation.
    Kivlighan, Jr., Dennis M.; Clements, Lisa; Blake, Christopher; Arnzen, Alicia; Brady, Lisa // Journal of Counseling & Development; Sep/Oct93, Vol. 72 Issue 1, p95 

    The authors examined the hypothesized relationship among counselor androgyny, counselor flexibility, and the establishment of client-rated working alliances. In Study 1, 41 counseling students completed the Bern Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI; Bern, 1981a) and the Counselor Behavior Analysis Inventory...

  • An Androgynous Generation?
    Meyerhoff, Michael K. // Pediatrics for Parents; 2004, Vol. 21 Issue 9, p8 

    Delves into the adaptation of an androgynous gender identity concept in the academic curricula in the U.S. Emphasis in eliminating gender bias; Impact on social roles of both gender; Analysis of benefits and drawbacks of the concept's adaptation in the curricula.

  • Predicting Gender Role Ideology Among Husbands and Wives in Israel: A Comparative Analysis.
    Kulik, Liat // Sex Roles; Nov2004, Vol. 51 Issue 9-10, p575 

    In this study, differences in gender role ideology among middle-aged husbands (n = 126) and wives (n = 126) in Israel were examined. In addition, the contribution of several sets of variables were tested to predict gender role ideology. The sets of variables were background variables (personal...

  • The Case Against Androgynous Marriage.
    Rhoads, Steven E. // American Enterprise; Sep/Oct99, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p35 

    Offers a look at the issues associated with androgynous marriage in the United States. Information on social science researches on intact marriages; Views of women on marriage and church weddings; Concept behind marital ideal; Issues of equality related to marriage; Impact of society on...

  • Positive and Negative Androgyny and Their Relationship With Psychological Health and Well Being.
    Woodhill, Brenda Mae; Samuels, Curtis A. // Sex Roles; Jun2003, Vol. 48 Issue 11-12, p555 

    Presents a study which assessed the constructs of positive and negative androgyny and their relationship with psychological health and well-being. Method; Results; Discussion.

    Troiden, Richard R. // Humanity & Society; May79, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p122 

    The article focuses on androgyny which is a neglected dimension of homosexuality. Androgyny or the integration of both masculine and feminine traits within an individual's personality, questions an assumption widely held among social scientists and the lay public alike that the world is mainly...

  • Exorcising Gender: Resisting Readers in Ursula K. Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness.
    Pennington, John // Extrapolation (Kent State University Press); Winter2000, Vol. 41 Issue 4, p351 

    Reports the androgynous approach of science fiction novels by Ursula K. Le Guin. Exposure of patriarchy; Use of traditional gender patterns; Control of language conventions of the reader; Elimination of sex perspectives; Implications of gender issues.

  • Beyond the Binary.
    McSpadden, Laura // Empty Closet; Sep2010, Issue 438, p6B 

    The author reflects on the impact of singer Marilyn Manson on his own transgender presentation, explaining that the androgyny of the genderqueer movement was embodied by Manson. She mentions Manson's album "Mechanical Animals," which featured an androgynous Manson on the cover wearing prosthetic...

  • Attitudes and Beliefs About Suicidal Behavior When Coming Out Is the Precipitant of the Suicidal Behavior.
    Cato, Jennifer Ellen; Canetto, Silvia Sara // Sex Roles;  

    Young persons who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) have higher rates of nonfatal suicidal behavior than their heterosexual peters. It has been suggested that suicidal behavior may be a painful but unavoidable rite of passage for LGB youths at the coming out stage. Could this mean that...

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