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  • Life without father.
    Davidson, Nicholas // Policy Review; Winter90, Issue 51, p40 

    Focuses on the implications of an increased number of children raised without a father figure in the United States. Effects of the feminization of poverty; Importance of fathers in children's educational performance and intelligence; Higher rate of mental illness; Increased in violence for...

    Krohn, Franklin B.; Bogan, Zoe // College Student Journal; Dec2001, Vol. 35 Issue 4, p598 

    This paper examined the effects absent fathers have on their daughters' development and college attendance. The academic limitations females endure as a result of not having a present father figure are examined. The paper discusses a father's departure, which is a key factor since it reveals the...

  • Drums, feathers and father hunger.
    Colson, Charles // Marriage Partnership; Fall93, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p16 

    Reports on the growing problem of absentee fathers as the main reason behind emergence of the men's movement in the United States. Effect of a phenomemon called `father hunger' on a boy's development; Books on the men's movement; Significance of the First International Men's Conference;...

  • States move to put low-income noncustodial parents in work activities.
    Sorensen, Elaine // Public Welfare; Winter97, Vol. 55 Issue 1, p17 

    Examines state efforts to provide employment and training services to low-income noncustodial fathers based on a telephone survey conducted throughout the spring and summer 1996 in the United States. Characteristics of the low-income noncustodial father; Number of states offering employment and...

  • What can be done about absentee fathers?
    Klinger, Ron // USA Today Magazine; Jul98, Vol. 127 Issue 2638, p30 

    Presents statistics on fatherless families in the United States. Misconceptions that help sustain fatherlesness; Father's contributions to the family; Complementary roles of fathers.

  • Father Absence and Familial Antisocial Characteristics.
    Pfiffner, Linda J.; McBurnett, Keith; Rathouz, Paul J. // Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology; Oct2001, Vol. 29 Issue 5, p357 

    Examines the correlation between father absence and antisocial characteristics of school children in Irvine, California. Comparison between families with father at home and families with departed fathers; Effect of stepfathers presence on antisocial behavior of children; Deprivations inherent...

  • More Dads, Less Crime.
    Elder, Larry // Human Events; 06/04/2001, Vol. 57 Issue 21, p21 

    Presents the essay `All of My Friends are Dying,' by Dominic Fowler which focuses on the effect of absentee fathers on their children's life.

  • Daddy's Come Home: Evangelicalism, Fatherhood and Lessons for Boys in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain.
    Olsen, Stephanie // Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research, & Practice about Men a; Fall2007, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p174 

    Fears in fin-de-si�cle Britain that fathers were absenting themselves from the home prompted a reaction from the evangelical periodical press, orchestrated by the Religious Tract Society, in an attempt to preserve "traditional" domestic ideals of fatherly men. These journals creatively...

  • Single mothers must name fathers.
    Olsen, Stephanie // Reproductive BioMedicine Online (Reproductive Healthcare Limited; Sep2006, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p360 

    The article reports on attempts being made to encourage parents to reach agreement over their child in Great Britain. Over the years, absentee fathers are being compelled to pay for the child they left behind. In a reorganization of the British child maintenance system, the failed Child Support...

  • Paternal Engagement in Immigrant and Refugee Families.
    Shimoni, R.; Este, David; Clark, Dawne E. // Journal of Comparative Family Studies; Autumn2003, Vol. 34 Issue 4, p555 

    Paternal disengagement has been identified as a key risk factor for Canadian children. Prior to this study, the specific barriers to paternal engagement facing immigrant and refugee fathers had not been studied or identified, nor had strategies been developed to ensure that the needs of this...

  • The Myth of the 'Normal Family'
    Silverstein, Louise B.; Auerbach, Carl F. // USA Today Magazine; Jan2001, Vol. 129 Issue 2668, p30 

    Discusses several myths related to families. Absentee fathers; Male role model; Gay families.

  • Puberty Earlier When Fathers Are Absent.
    Silverstein, Louise B.; Auerbach, Carl F. // Australasian Science; Nov/Dec2008, Vol. 29 Issue 10, p6 

    The article reports on a study which found that girls with absent fathers are more likely to undergo puberty early. According to Jacqueline Tither, a doctoral student at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, early pubertal maturation in girls is associated with various negative health and...

  • The Momfia.
    Bean, Shawn // Parenting School Years; Nov2011, Vol. 25 Issue 10, p42 

    In this article the author discusses briefly the concept of momfia and explains why fathers do not have the same influence. It mentions that he considers mothers who are bloggers and the Mom Congress of the "Parenting" magazine as members of the momfia, who can be motivated, effective and...

    Demetrius, Dina // Psychology Today; Sep/Oct2004, Vol. 37 Issue 5, p32 

    Provides information on the story of several actors in Los Angeles, California who grew up without a father's guidance.

  • Sailor Families: The Nature and Effects of One Kind of Father Absence.
    Rosenfeld, Jona M.; Rosenstein, Eliezer; Raab, Marilyn // Child Welfare; Jan73, Vol. 52 Issue 1, p33 

    This report from Israel, and incidentally from Norway, describes the tensions created by one type of socially sanctioned father absence. (See also the article in this issue on children of military personnel in the U.S.)

  • Deadbeat deadlines.
    Doherty, Brian // Reason; Apr98, Vol. 29 Issue 11, p16 

    Focuses on computer data centralization on information on absent fathers ordered by the United States federal government. Reason for the delayed released of the Statewide Automated Child Support System; Budget spending on computer system upgrade.

  • The Fatherbook: A Document for Therapeutic Work with Father-Absent Early Adolescent Boys.
    Holman, Warren Dana // Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal; Apr98, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p101 

    There is convincing evidence that children who grow up without fathers are vulnerable for psychosocial dysfunction. A document called the �Fatherbook� is presented for therapeutic work with the father-absent early adolescent boy. Modeled on the life story book used with children in...

  • Adolescent Boys' Talk about Absent Fathers.
    Langa, Malose // Journal of Psychology in Africa; 2010, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p519 

    The objective of this study was to explore how adolescent boys talk about absent fathers in Alexandra Township, a historically working-class and black community in Gauteng, South Africa. Individual and group interviews were conducted with 30 adolescent boys between the age of 14 and 18 years in...

    Laban, Abdel Moneim // Swiss Journal of Sociology; 1983, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p737 

    The author attempts an investigation of the phenomenon of religious sects and orders in Egypt. He starts with an analysis of the structure of the Egyptian family. In order to successfully terminate mother-child symbiosis, a child should have the opportunity of turning toward his father. This...

  • Maintaining the Connection: Parenting as a Noncustodial Father.
    Wall, Jack C. // Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal; Oct92, Vol. 9 Issue 5, p441 

    The purpose of this study was to identify relevant factors associated with the noncustodial father's frequency of contact with his child following divorce. The findings of the research revealed that a combination of demographic, personal characteristics, and psychosocial factors are related to...

    Atchinson, Alana // NACSW Convention Proceedings; 2007, p1 

    This paper will address how childhood trauma from our fathers affects men and women as adults both personally and professionally. Second, the social crisis of fatherlessness in our communities/nation and the impact it has families/children will be highlighted. Finally, the absolute need of...

    Jurca, Eugen // Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Theologia Catholica; 2011, Vol. 56 Issue 3/4, p143 

    „Big people are strange“, noticed Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince. As a matter of fact, many people are "scarred", victims of various educational fallacies of their own parents, carrying through their adult lives "wounds" which were produced during their childhood and...

  • Single parents.
    Jurca, Eugen // Mothering; Jul-Sep97, Issue 84, p32 

    Reports on the child support of children by single mothers. Increasing number of single parents; Effect of child support payments to children's outcomes; Reason why noncustodial fathers do not pay the child support; Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act's assistance to...

  • The Presence of the Absent Object in the Compulsion to Repeat.
    Baker, Janine // Modern Psychoanalysis; 2006, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p58 

    This paper explores relationships between André Green's "work of the negative" and the compulsion to repeat, with particular focus on repetitions that occur within the consulting room. The author combines theoretical concepts with clinical material by drawing upon her personal history and...

  • Tax Office collects child support from delinquent fathers.
    Baker, Janine // Women's International Network News; Autumn90, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p54 

    Reports on a scheme by the Australian Taxation Office that aims to strengthen financial support from non-custodial parents, specifically fathers. Cut in the sole parent pension; Benefits of the scheme for custodial parents and the government; Enforcement techniques.

  • UK courts will collect child support from delinquent fathers.
    Baker, Janine // Women's International Network News; Autumn90, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p68 

    Reports on the empowerment of British courts to collect child support from delinquent fathers. Rise of social security benefit costs of supporting single parent families; Provisions of a legislation planned for a session of Parliament.

  • A Qualitative Analysis of Fathers' Experiences of Parental Time after Separation and Divorce.
    Hallman, Mara; Dienhart, Anna; Beaton, John // Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research, & Practice about Men a; Winter2007, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p4 

    Research suggests that a lack of father involvement in divorced families may have negative effects on fathers, mothers, and their children. However, past research has often failed to include men's perspectives of the factors that influence their parental role after separation or divorce. Despite...

  • How Anger Toward Absentee Fathers May Make it Difficult to Call God “Father”.
    Balthazar, Pierre // Pastoral Psychology; May2007, Vol. 55 Issue 5, p543 

    Using parts of the prayer commonly known as the “Our Father,” a reflection is presented in which anger toward absentee fathers is seen as an inhibitor to relatedness to God as father. The way people behave toward and interact with their environment may be indicative of their...

  • Race, Class and Child Maltreatment.
    Hampton, Robert L. // Journal of Comparative Family Studies; Spring87, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p113 

    Data from the National Study of the Incidence and Severity of Child Abuse and Neglect are used to examine ethnic differences within a population of substantiated cases of child maltreatment. The results provide support for socioeconomic and demographic factor differences among Black, Whites, and...

    Cobb, William Jelani // Essence (Time Inc.); Jan2009, Vol. 39 Issue 9, p71 

    The author talks about U.S. President Barack Obama being black. The author mentions that black men are accused of being a criminal, an absentee father, or a hustler. The author points out that Obama's election challenged those black men who are already counted as success stories. The author...

  • Non-Resident Fathers' Engagement with their Children: The Salience of Leisure.
    Cobb, William Jelani // Australian Journal of Social Issues (Australian Council of Socia; Winter2006, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p183 

    This paper reports on selected aspects of a recent study of non-resident fathers' leisure with their children. The settings and context for non-resident fathers' contact with their children are described and the methodology comprising interviews with eighteen non-resident fathers is briefly...

  • Indiana makes gains in permanent placement.
    Montgomery, Jenny // Indiana Lawyer; 9/14/2011, Vol. 22 Issue 14, p4 

    The article focuses on the improvement of Indiana's foster care system. It cites that based on the data gathered by the Federal Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, the state ranks third in achieving overall permanency for children who entered the foster care and ranks second...

    Stolley, Richard B. // People; 5/21/2007, Vol. 67 Issue 20, p127 

    This article discusses inmate Norman Whatley's participation in "Fathers as Readers," a program in which fathers in four of New Mexico's prisons record themselves reading books and send the recordings to their children. The program is designed to help men like Whatley form a bond with his...

  • Caseworkers Reveal Secrets for Engaging Dads.
    Stolley, Richard B. // Children's Voice; Mar/Apr2007, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p38 

    The article focuses on a U.S. study on the efforts of child welfare agencies to locate and engage fathers who are not living with their children. Results of the study reveal that more than two-thirds of nonresident fathers were identified when the child's case was opened while half of the...

  • When your child won't visit dad.
    Millar, Heather // Parenting; Dec96/Jan97, Vol. 10 Issue 10, p272 

    Focuses on ways to encourage children to visit their noncustodial fathers. Possible reasons for a child's complaints about visiting; Effects of major life changes of noncustodial parent to children.

    Oppenheim, E. Phillips // Betrayal; 3/1/2006, p121 

    Chapter XXXI of the book "The Betrayal," by E. Phillips Oppenheim is presented. It recounts the revelation of Colonel Ray to Guy Ducaine that the man who was found dead in the marshes was his father's servant and not his father. He reveals that he had defended himself by throwing the servant at...

    Oppenheim, E. Phillips // Sister Namibia; 5/1/2012, p13 

    The article offers information on the absent father described as someone who believes only in his benefit. It cites the different forms of absents father including the hit and run father who suffers from commitment fatigue once the mom-to-be becomes pregnant and the split and vanish father who...

  • Absent Fathers and Black Male Children.
    Earl, Lovelene; Lohmann, Nancy // Social Work; Sep78, Vol. 23 Issue 5, p413 

    The article focuses on a study on the absent fathers and black male children. In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on the dysfunctional consequences of the female-headed family. Topics of debate have ranged from whether the absence of the father is really dysfunctional for the...

  • Father Absence and Reproduction-Related Outcomes in Malaysia, a Transitional Fertility Population.
    Sheppard, Paula; Snopkowski, Kristin; Sear, Rebecca // Human Nature; Jun2014, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p213 

    Father absence is consistently associated with children's reproductive outcomes in industrialized countries. It has been suggested that father absence acts as a cue to particular environmental conditions that influence life history strategies. Much less is known, however, about the effects of...

  • CHAPTER 4: A Day in the Life.
    Sheppard, Paula; Snopkowski, Kristin; Sear, Rebecca // Being a Great Divorced Father; Oct2010, p73 

    The article discusses the daily routine of a noncustodial father who shares the custody of his children with his former wife. It focuses on the planning required to make the transition from both parents handling the kids together to managing the responsibility separately smooth. Responsibilities...

  • School noncustodians.
    Klein, Matthew // American Demographics; Feb98, Vol. 20 Issue 2, p37 

    Presents the statistics about the involvement of noncustodial parents with their children's schools in the United States. Mothers who are more likely to volunteer with their children's school activities; Comparison between the school participation of nonresident fathers and nonresident mothers;...

  • Single mothers and child support receipt in Peru.
    Ríos-Salas, Vanessa; Meyer, Daniel R // Journal of Family Studies; Dec2014, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p298 

    Using cross-sectional data from the National Household Surveys (2004-2012), this study presents the trend in child support receipt in Peru over this period and factors associated with child support receipt. In both descriptive and multivariate logit analyses, the likelihood of receiving support...

  • Absent Father in Anjana Appachana's Listening Now.
    Biradar, S. B.; Karekatti, Tripti // Labyrinth: An International Refereed Journal of Postmodern Studi; Jul2015, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p41 

    Father is treated as a pious figure in Indian family system. The importance and his role have not been questioned in the past. Hence father is given a status of God. Father is a term widely used in social, religious and cultural context. It reflects the origin of power and authority. His scope...

    Leavy, Walter // Ebony; Aug1986, Vol. 41 Issue 10, p61 

    The article reports on the growing number of absentee fathers in the African American community. A feeling of inadequacy is cited as one of the reasons for the increasing number of absentee fathers, as well as growing up in a society which claims that a man's duty is to provide. Other factors...

  • What African-American Noncustodial Fathers Say Inhibits and Enhances Their Involvement With...
    Hamer, Jennifer F. // Western Journal of Black Studies; Summer98, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p117 

    Presents information on a study on the participation of African American noncustodial fathers in the daily lives of their children. What society expects from noncustodial fathers; Factors that influence their involvement with their children; Information on the methods used in the study.

  • DER UNSICHTBARE VATER. Ein Problem für Psychoanalyse und Soziologie.
    Mitscherlich, Alexander // Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie & Sozialpsychologie; 1955, Vol. 7, p188 

    The article focuses on the role of fathers, specifically focusing on absent fathers and father-child relationships. Additionally, the role of learning in relation to fathers is examined and psychoanalytical as well as sociological elements are discussed. The effect of wartime on the presence of...

  • Good loving.
    Watson, Marlene F.; Ra, Jawanza // Heart & Soul; Jun/Jul99, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p92 

    Answers questions related to human relationships. Ways to encourage an absentee father to get more involved in child rearing; Overcoming one's tendency to look for faults in a love interest; Joys of celibacy.

    SHEARER, HAJI // Voice Male; Summer2014, Vol. 18 Issue 63, p28 

    The article focuses on the more significant roles that were opened up to men in bringing up the next generation in the last three decades leading to 2014. Topics discussed include what needs to be done to lower incidences of father absence, a reference to the author's book "Facilitating Fathers'...

  • CHAPTER FOUR: The Noncustodial Dance.
    Mandelstein, Paul // Always Dad; May2006, p75 

    Chapter 4 of the book "Always Dad" is presented. The chapter deals with the emotional and practical challenges that a noncustodial father faces after divorce. Being without custody of children, visits and get-togethers reportedly need an extra effort. When the divorce is still new, getting...

  • Confronting my absent father.
    Sykes, Tom // Men's Health; Nov2006, Vol. 21 Issue 9, p112 

    The article offers tips on reconnecting son with his absentee father. Research shows that men with tow social support are more susceptible to coronary deaths. Which means that reestablishing ties with the estranged men in our lives can help us not only feet better but also live longer. To...

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