January 2005
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p2167
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A definition of the term "Th," is presented. It is referred as a symbol for the element thorium.


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    A definition of the medical term "mendelevium" is presented. The term refers to a transuranium element with an atomic weight of 256 and an atomic number of 101. The definition is from the "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary," published by F.A. Davis Co. The pronunciation of the term is also...

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  • Energy-adjusted pseudopotentials for the actinides. Parameter sets and test calculations for thorium and thorium monoxide. Küchle, W.; Dolg, M.; Stoll, H.; Preuss, H. // Journal of Chemical Physics;5/15/1994, Vol. 100 Issue 10, p7535 

    We present nonrelativistic and quasirelativistic energy-adjusted pseudopotentials, the latter augmented by spin–orbit operators, as well as optimized (12s11p10d8f)/ [8s7p6d4f]-Gaussian-type orbitals (GTO) valence basis sets for the actinide elements actinium through lawrencium. Atomic...

  • Development of a tandem generator system 229Th/225Ac/213Bi for repeated production of short-lived a-emitting radionuclides. Guseva, L.; Dogadkin, N. // Radiochemistry;Apr2009, Vol. 51 Issue 2, p169 

    229Th was isolated from a long-stored 233U sample using an anion exchanger and 8 M HCl. Thorium was separated from macroamounts of inactive impurities on an anion exchanger in aqueous-methanol HNO3 solutions. A tandem generator system was developed for repeated isolation of 225Ac ( a, 10 days)...

  • Phytoextraction of uranium and thorium by native trees in a contaminated wetland. Hinton, T. G.; Knox, A. S.; Kaplan, D. I.; Sharitz, R. // Journal of Radioanalytical & Nuclear Chemistry;May2005, Vol. 264 Issue 2, p417 

    The phytoremediation potential of native trees in a U and Th contaminated wetland was examined. Based on measurements of the annual biomass of leaves and their contaminant concentrations, we estimated the reduction in soil contamination over time. Significant differences among tree species were...

  • The dissolution of ThO(cr) in carbonate solutions and a granitic groundwater. Kim, S. S.; Baik, M. H.; Choi, J. W.; Shin, H. S.; Yun, J. I. // Journal of Radioanalytical & Nuclear Chemistry;Oct2010, Vol. 286 Issue 1, p91 

    ThO(cr) was dissolved in the solutions containing various carbonate ion concentrations, and the results were compared with thorium solubility in a domestic granitic groundwater having very low ionic strength. The soluble thorium concentration excluding colloids after phase separation increased...


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