January 2005
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p1859
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A definition of the term "receptosome" is presented. It is a synonym for the word "endosome."


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  • reticulum.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p1897 

    A definition of the term "reticulum" is presented. It refers to a cell organelle which is a complex network of membranous tubules in the cytoplasm between the nuclear and cell membranes. It is visible only with an electron microscope.

  • tonofibril.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p2201 

    A definition of the term "tonofibril" is presented. It means tenofibril.

  • cytomicrosome.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p529 

    A definition of the medical term "cytomicrosome" is presented. Cytomicrosome refers to one minute granule in the protoplasm of the cell. The term originated from the words "mikros" which means small and "soma" which means body. The definition is from the "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary,"...

  • floccose.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p809 

    A definition of the medical term "floccose" is presented. Floccose in biology, pertains to a growth consisting of short and densely but irregularly interwoven filaments. The term originated from the Latin word "floccosus" which means full of wool tufts. The definition is from the "Taber's...

  • γ-Adaptin Interacts Directly with Rabaptin-5 through Its Ear Domain1. Shiba, Yoko; Takatsu, Hiroyuki; Shin, Hye-Won; Nakayama, Kazuhisa // Journal of Biochemistry;2002, Vol. 131 Issue 3, p327 

    In yeast two-hybrid screening using γ1-adaptin, a subunit of the AP-1 adaptor complex of clathrin-coated vesicles derived from the trans-Golgi network (TGN), as bait, we found that it could interact with Rabaptin-5, an effector of Rab5 and Rab4 that regulates membrane docking with endosomes....

  • Internalization.  // Encyclopedic Reference of Molecular Pharmacology;2004, p508 

    A definition of the term "internalization" is presented. It refers to an agonist-induced endocytosis of membranous receptors which occurs in seconds to minutes. It includes the formation of receptor containing vesicles and is followed by an endosomal acidification which permits dephosphorylation...

  • VAMP4 is required to maintain the ribbon structure of the Golgi apparatus. Shitara, Akiko; Shibui, Toru; Okayama, Miki; Arakawa, Toshiya; Mizoguchi, Itaru; Shakakura, Yasunori; Takuma, Taishin // Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry;Aug2013, Vol. 380 Issue 1/2, p11 

    The Golgi apparatus forms a twisted ribbon-like network in the juxtanuclear region of vertebrate cells. Vesicle-associated membrane protein 4 (VAMP4), a v-SNARE protein expressed exclusively in the vertebrate trans-Golgi network (TGN), plays a role in retrograde trafficking from the early...

  • Membrane trafficking: Earliest endosomes. Heinrichs, Arianne // Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology;May2009, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p302 

    The article presents a study on early endosomes including the WDFY2, APPL and the classical EEA1 endosomes. The authors state that APPL endosomes, which are characterized by the adaptor proteins, are generated from clathrin-coated pits near the edge of the cell. Moreover, it is noted that...

  • Silencing by small RNAs is linked to endosomal trafficking. Lee, Young Sik; Pressman, Sigal; Andress, Arlise P.; Kim, Kevin; White, Jamie L.; Cassidy, Justin J.; Xin Li; Lubell, Kim; Do Hwan Lim; Ik Sang Cho; Nakahara, Kenji; Preall, Jonathan B.; Bellare, Priya; Sontheimer, Erik J.; Carthew, Richard W. // Nature Cell Biology;Sep2009, Vol. 11 Issue 9, p1150 

    Small RNAs direct RNA-induced silencing complexes (RISCs) to regulate stability and translation of mRNAs. RISCs associated with target mRNAs often accumulate in discrete cytoplasmic foci known as GW-bodies. However, RISC proteins can associate with membrane compartments such as the Golgi and...


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