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Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary;2005, p1745
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A definition of the term "potassium" is presented. It refers to a soft, silver-white, waxlike metallic chemical element that serves as both the principal cation in intracellular fluid and an important electrolyte in extracellular fluid. Potassium is found in cereals, dried peas and beans, fresh vegetables, fresh or dried fruits.


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  • potassium.  // Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (2009);2009, Issue 21, p1862 

    A definition of the term "potassium" is presented. It refers to the mineral element with the chemical symbol K. Potassium serves both as the principal cation in intracellular fluid and is considered an important electrolyte in extracellular fluid. It constitutes 0.35 percent of body weight and...

  • Homogeneous Two-Electron-Transfer Initiation of Anionic Polymerization with Potassium Potassides. Grobelny, Zbigniew; Stolarzewicz, Andrzej; Piekarnik, Beata; Maercker, Adalbert // Current Organic Chemistry;May2008, Vol. 12 Issue 7, p564 

    Alkalides are salts containing alkali metal anions and complexed metal cations. These unusual species discovered by Dye (Dye, J.L.; Andrews, C.W.; Mathews, S.E. J. Phys. Chem., 1975, 79, 3065) are strong reductants of many organic and inorganic compounds. These reactions occur rapidly under mild...

  • Comparative calculations of alkali metal cation basicities of some Lewis bases. Burk, Peeter; Sults, Mari-Liis; Tammiku-Taul, Jaana // Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Chemistry;Sep2007, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p107 

    Lithium, sodium, and potassium cation basicities were calculated for some Lewis bases using the DFT B3LYP/6-311+G**, G2, G2(MP2), G3, and CBS-QB3 methods and compared with corresponding experimental values. The best results for lithium cation basicities (LCB) were obtained with the G2, G2(MP2),...

  • An investigation of phosphate based ECMP electrolyte performance on feature scale planarization. Shattuck, Kristin G.; West, Alan C. // Journal of Applied Electrochemistry;Oct2009, Vol. 39 Issue 10, p1719 

    Conventional copper chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) techniques are being pushed to their limits by increasing industrial standards caused by device miniaturization and the use of new materials. There is a need to investigate alternative methods of polishing to maintain and/or improve...

  • muriate of potash:. Gough, Robert E. // Glossary of Vital Terms for the Home Gardener;1993, p63 

    A definition of the term "muriate of potash" is presented. It refers to a fertilizer material that commonly contains 80 percent of potassium chloride which yields about 50 percent potash. In addition, its potassium chloride content yields about 60 percent potash.

  • Formation and Decomposition of Potassium Potassides Complexed Crown Ethers in Tetrahydrofuran Solution. Grobelny, Zbigniew; Stolarzewicz, Andrzej; Szczepanski, Marcin; Sok�l, Maria // Current Organic Chemistry;Aug2008, Vol. 12 Issue 12, p1040 

    This review systematizes the essential data on alkalide solutions called also alkali metal solutions or blue solutions, i.e. solutions of the salts containing alkali metal anions (M-). It focuses particularly on the formation and decomposition of potassium potassides as well as on the...

  • IKr.  // Encyclopedic Reference of Molecular Pharmacology;2004, p475 

    A definition of the term "IKr" is presented. It refers to the rapidly activating component of the delayed rectifier K+ current. Moreover, it stands for potassium rectifier current. Delayed and slow inactivation characterize IKr. It also addresses the role of IKr in the repolarization phase of...

  • Ga[sup +], In[sup +], and Tl[sup +] impurities in alkali halide crystals: Distortion trends. Aguado, Andrés // Journal of Chemical Physics;11/15/2000, Vol. 113 Issue 19 

    A computational study of the doping of alkali halide crystals (AX: A=Na and K; X=Cl and Br) by ns[sup 2] cations (Ga[sup +], In[sup +], and Tl[sup +]) is presented. Active clusters of increasing size (from 33 to 177 ions) are considered in order to deal with the large scale distortions induced...

  • Unique Features of Two Potassium Channels, OsKAT2 and OsKAT3, Expressed in Rice Guard Cells. Hwang, Hyunsik; Yoon, Jinyoung; Kim, Hyun Yeong; Min, Myung Ki; Kim, Jin-Ae; Choi, Eun-Hye; Lan, Wenzhi; Bae, Young-Min; Luan, Sheng; Cho, Hana; Kim, Beom-Gi // PLoS ONE;Aug2013, Vol. 8 Issue 8, p1 

    Potassium is the most abundant cation and a myriad of transporters regulate K+ homeostasis in plant. Potassium plays a role as a major osmolyte to regulate stomatal movements that control water utility of land plants. Here we report the characterization of two inward rectifying shaker-like...


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