July 2003
U.S. Industry Quarterly Review: Metals;2003 3rd Quarter, p65
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The article presents statistical information on nonferrous metal products. Data relating to revenue, input costs has been forecasted. Revenue and price forecasted for the first quarter in 2002 in billion dollars is 84.1, for the second quarter in 2002 is 83.9, for the third quarter is 82.5 and for the final quarter is 81.2. For each quarter in 2003 the revenue and price in billion dollars is 79.9, 78.5, 79.1 and 79.1 respectively. Input costs forecasted for the year 2003 in billion dollars is 53.5 for the first quarter, 53.3 for the second quarter , 52.3 for the third quarter and 51.5 for the fourth quarter. For the year 2003 the input costs forecasted for the four quarters are 50.6, 49.6, 50.5 and 50.4 respectively.


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