Electronic structure of GaN nanowire studied by x-ray-absorption spectroscopy and scanning photoelectron microscopy

Chiou, J. W.; Jan, J. C.; Tsai, H. M.; Pong, W. F.; Tsai, M.-H.; Hong, I.-H.; Klauser, R.; Lee, J. F.; Hsu, C. W.; Lin, H. M.; Chen, C. C.; Shen, C. H.; Chen, L. C.; Chen, K. H.
June 2003
Applied Physics Letters;6/2/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 22, p3949
Academic Journal
X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) and scanning photoelectron microscopy (SPEM) measurements have been employed to obtain information on the electronic structures of the GaN nanowires and thin film. The comparison of the XANES spectra revealed that the nanowires have a smaller (larger) N (Ga) K edge XANES intensity than that of the thin film, which suggests an increase (decrease) of the occupation of N 2p (Ga 4p) orbitals and an increase of the N (Ga) negative (positive) effective charge in the nanowires. The SPEM spectra showed that the Ga 3d band for the nanowires lies about 20.8 eV below the Fermi level and has a chemical shift of about -0.9 eV relative to that of the thin film. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.


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