Interface analysis of Y-Ba-Cu-O films on Al-coated Si substrates

Asano, T.; Tran, K.; Byrne, A. S.; Rahman, M. M.; Yang, C. Y.; Reardon, J. D.
March 1989
Applied Physics Letters;3/27/1989, Vol. 54 Issue 13, p1275
Academic Journal
Y-Ba-Cu-O films were deposited on Al-coated Si substrates by the plasma-spray method. The Al buffer layer appears to be effective in yielding crack-free adhesive Y-Ba-Cu-O films. Resistance measurements indicate that the films exhibit a superconducting phase below 90 K. Results of x-ray microanalysis and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy confirm that the Al buffer forms an Al2O3 layer and prevents precipitation of Cu at the film/substrate interface.


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