Low-threshold disorder-defined buried heterostructure strained-layer AlyGa1-yAs-GaAs-InxGa1-xAs quantum well lasers (λ∼910 nm)

Major, J. S.; Guido, L. J.; Hsieh, K. C.; Holonyak, N.; Stutius, W.; Gavrilovic, P.; Williams, J. E.
March 1989
Applied Physics Letters;3/6/1989, Vol. 54 Issue 10, p913
Academic Journal
The stability of strained-layer Aly Ga1-yAs-GaAs-InxGa1-x As single quantum well heterostructures against thermal processing is examined using transmission and scanning electron microscopy. A self-aligned impurity-induced layer disordering process employing Si-O diffusion is used to produce buried heterostructure stripe geometry lasers with a pseudomorphic InxGa1-x As quantum well active region. The 2-μm-wide stripe laser diodes exhibit high efficiency (η∼41%/facet), low threshold (Ith =7 mA), and high output power (Pout >20 mW/facet).


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