Low-loss substrate for epitaxial growth of high-temperature superconductor thin films

Simon, R. W.; Platt, C. E.; Lee, A. E.; Lee, G. S.; Daly, K. P.; Wire, M. S.; Luine, J. A.; Urbanik, M.
December 1988
Applied Physics Letters;12/26/1988, Vol. 53 Issue 26, p2677
Academic Journal
A perovskite-like single-crystal substrate material has been investigated that simultaneously permits epitaxial growth of 1-2-3 superconductor films and possesses desirable rf properties of low dielectric constant and loss tangent. The lattice constant of 3.792 Å provides a lattice match to within 1% of the a axis of 1-2-3. Sputtered films of erbium-barium-copper-oxide have been produced on (100) LaAlO3 substrates that exhibit sharp resistive transitions at 90 K (ΔT=1K), bulk superconductivity as determined by ac susceptibility measurements, and nearly single-crystal growth as evidenced by x-ray diffraction and high-resolution scanning electron microscopy. The high-frequency dielectric properties of LaAlO3 were experimentally investigated at several temperatures. The low-frequency dielectric constant was measured to be 15 and the microwave loss tangent ranged from 6×10-4 at room temperature to 5×10-6 at 4 K.


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