Single-crystal preparation and some characterizations of the superconducting Y-Ba-Cu oxide

Haneda, Hajime; Isobe, Mitsumasa; Hishita, Shunichi; Ishizawa, Yoshio; Shirasaki, Shin-ichi; Yamamoto, Taisei; Yanagitani, Takagimi
November 1987
Applied Physics Letters;11/30/1987, Vol. 51 Issue 22, p1848
Academic Journal
Single crystals of Ba2YCu3O7-δ were prepared from melts of a BaO-Y2O3-CuO mixture and characterized by the x-ray microprobe analyzer and x-ray diffraction. Electrical resistivity was measured by the standard four-terminal method. Some crystals have the critical temperature above 77 K. After annealing in oxygen, the crystals behave like a semiconductor.


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