Magnetic and optical measurements on Ti:Al2O3 crystals for laser applications: Concentration and absorption cross section of Ti3+ ions

Aggarwal, R. L.; Sanchez, A.; Fahey, R. E.; Strauss, A. J.
May 1986
Applied Physics Letters;5/19/1986, Vol. 48 Issue 20, p1345
Academic Journal
The optical absorption coefficient of Ti:Al2O3 samples at 490 nm for the π polarization (E||c) is found to be proportional to the concentration of Ti3+ ions, as determined by measurement of the paramagnetic moment as a function of temperature and magnetic field. The experimental data yield the value σ=(9.3±1.0)×10-20 cm2 for the absorption cross section of Ti3+, the active ion in the tunable Ti:Al2O3 laser, at the peak of the laser pump band.


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