Evidence for amphoteric behavior of Ru on CdTe surfaces

Bose, D. N.; Basu, S.; Mandal, K. C.; Mazumdar, D.
February 1986
Applied Physics Letters;2/17/1986, Vol. 48 Issue 7, p472
Academic Journal
Modification of large grain p-CdTe by Ru is shown to reduce the sub-band-gap response and increase minority-carrier diffusion length from 0.67 to 0.92 μm. Contact potential difference (CPD) measurements on n- and p-CdTe show shifts in surface Fermi level in opposite directions corresponding to increase in barrier height in each case. The amphoteric nature of Ru on CdTe surfaces depending on conductivity type is thus inferred. The magnitudes of the changes in CPD are approximately equal to the increase of open circuit voltage Voc observed in photoelectro-chemical cells.


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