Interdiffusion in Si/Ge amorphous multilayer films

Prokes, S. M.; Spaepen, F.
August 1985
Applied Physics Letters;8/1/1985, Vol. 47 Issue 3, p234
Academic Journal
Multilayered or compositionally modulated amorphous Si/amorphous Ge films with a repeat length of 5.83 nm have been fabricated using ion beam sputtering. The interdiffusion coefficient D[sub λ] was determined by measuring the intensity of the x-ray satellite arising from the modulation as a function of annealing time. The interdiffusion was found to be relatively rapid, in that it could be measured easily without crystallization occurring. The temperature dependence in the range 550630 K is described by D[sub λ] = 1.07 × 10[sup -10] exp (-1.6 eV/kT) m²s[sup -1].


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