High magnetic field sensor using LaSb[sub 2]

Young, D. P.; Goodrich, R. G.; DiTusa, J. F.; Guo, S.; Adams, P. W.; Chan, Julia Y.; Hall, Donavan
May 2003
Applied Physics Letters;5/26/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 21, p3713
Academic Journal
The magnetotransport properties of single crystals of the highly anisotropic layered metal LaSb[sub 2] are reported in magnetic fields up to 45 T with fields oriented both parallel and perpendicular to the layers. Below 10 K the perpendicular magnetoresistance of LaSb[sub 2] becomes temperature independent and is characterized by a 100-fold linear increase in resistance between 0 and 45 T with no evidence of quantum oscillations down to 50 mK. The Hall resistivity is hole-like and gives a high field carrier density of n∼3 × 10[sup 20] cm[sup -3]. The feasibility of using LaSb[sub 2] for magnetic field sensors is discussed.


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