In situ photoemission characterization of terminating-layer-controlled La[sub 0.6]Sr[sub 0.4]MnO[sub 3] thin films

Kumigashira, H.; Horiba, K.; Ohguchi, H.; Ono, K.; Oshima, M.; Nakagawa, N.; Lippmaa, M.; Kawasaki, M.; Koinuma, H.
May 2003
Applied Physics Letters;5/19/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 20, p3430
Academic Journal
We report on the fabrication of terminating-layer-controlled La[sup 0.6]Sr[sup 0.4]MnO[sup 3] (LSMO) thin films and in situ characterization of the films using photoemission spectroscopy. The terminating layer of the LSMO films was changed from B to A site by inserting one atomic layer of SrO between the LSMO film and a TiO[sub 2]-terminated SrTiO[sub 3] (001) substrate. The successful control of the terminating layer was confirmed by measuring the angular dependence of core-level spectra. Detailed analysis of the Sr 3d core levels revealed considerable differences in chemical bonding states of Sr atoms in the surface regions of films with different terminating layers.


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