Far-infrared-magneto-optic ellipsometry characterization of free-charge-carrier properties in highly disordered n-type Al[sub 0.19]Ga[sub 0.33]In[sub 0.48]P

Hofmann, T.; Schubert, M.; Herzinger, C. M.; Pietzonka, I.
May 2003
Applied Physics Letters;5/19/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 20, p3463
Academic Journal
For highly disordered n-type Al[sub 0.19]Ga[sub 0.33]In[sub 0.48]P grown lattice matched to an undoped GaAs substrate, using far-infrared-magneto-optic generalized ellipsometry, the room-temperature free-charge-carrier parameters effective mass m[sup *] = 0.12(0.01) m[sub 0], concentration N = 6.7(0.2) × 10[sup 17] cm[sup -3], and mobility µ = 339(15)cm²/(Vs) are determined by modeling the observed magneto-optic birefringence originating from the far-infrared free-charge-carrier excitations in the Al[sub 0.19]Ga[sub 0.33]In[sub 0.48]P layer without additional electrical measurements.


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