Effects of phytase supplementation on reproductive performance, apparent total tract digestibility of Ca and P and bone characteristics in gestating and lactating sows

Young Dal Jang; Lindemann, Merlin D.; van Heugten, Eric; Jones, Richard D.; Beob Gyun Kim; Maxwell, Charles V.; Scott Radcliffe, J.
August 2014
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias;2014, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p178
Academic Journal
Background: phytase supplementation to sow diets may improve digestibility of P and Ca and bone integrity of suckling piglets. Objective: two experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of phytase supplementation to gestation and lactation diets on reproductive performance, apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of P, Ca, and N in sows and bone characteristics in sows and piglets. Methods: in Experiment 1, a multistate study involving 204 sows was conducted at 3 cooperating research stations. Sows were assigned to 1 of 4 treatments at breeding: 1) negative control [low Ca and available P (aP) diet], 2) Treatment 1 plus 300 FTU of supplemental phytase/kg of diet, 3) Treatment 1 plus 600 FTU of supplemental phytase/kg of diet, and 4) positive control (normal Ca and aP diet). In Experiment 2, a total of 16 sows (Yorkshire × Landrace; average parity, 2.3) were randomly allotted to 1 of 3 treatments based on body weight (BW) and parity at d 34 to 52 of gestation. Treatments were: 1) low Ca and aP diet, 2) low Ca and aP diet with 500 FTU of supplemental phytase/kg of diet, and 3) normal Ca and aP diet. Results: in Experiment 1, the number of total born (p<0.05), live born (p=0.05), litter weight of live born (p<0.01) and weaning pigs (p<0.05) were increased in a quadratic manner by increasing phytase supplementation level up to 300 FTU/kg. There was a linear increase in piglet weaning weight (p<0.05) by increasing supplemental phytase levels. There were no differences in reproductive performance in Experiment 2 (p>0.10). In gestation the ATTD of P was lower for the low Ca and aP without phytase group than the normal Ca and aP (p<0.01) and phytase-supplemented (p<0.05) groups. The ATTD of Ca in the normal Ca and aP group was higher than that in low Ca and aP without phytase group (p<0.05). In lactation, the phytase-supplemented group had higher ATTD of P compared with the other groups (p<0.05) whereas the ATTD of Ca in phytase-supplemented group was higher than that in low Ca and aP without phytase group (p<0.10). When the digestibility data was pooled for both gestation and lactation periods, the ATTD of P in the phytase-supplemented group was the highest among dietary treatments (p<0.05). There were no phytase effects on sow bone ash content at weaning, and piglet bone strength and ash content at birth. However, piglets from the phytase-supplemented sows had higher bone strength (p<0.10) and ash content (p<0.05) at weaning compared with those from non-phytase sows. There were positive correlations at birth between piglet BW and bone strength (p<0.01) and between bone strength and ash content (p<0.001). Additionally, at weaning positive correlations between piglet BW and bone ash content (p<0.05), between piglet BW and bone strength (p<0.001), and between bone strength and ash content (p<0.05) were observed. Conclusion: phytase supplementation from mid-gestation through lactation increased the ATTD of P and Ca both for gestating and lactating sows, improved bone integrity of their progeny, and had potential to increase litter size and performance but did not affect bone characteristics of sows and newborn pigs.


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