Evaluation of quality and nutrient contents of table eggs from different sources in the retail market

Attia, Youssef A.; Al-Harthi, Mohammed A.; Shiboob, Mohamed M.
April 2014
Italian Journal of Animal Science;2014, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p369
Academic Journal
Table egg quality and nutrient contents from four sources in the retail market in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia were evaluated using straight run experimental design and compared with the recommended daily allowance (RDA, 2002/2005) profiles. Egg source had a noticeable effect (P<0.05) on shell weight per unit of surface area, albumen percentage, Haugh unit, yolk percentage, index and colour. Differences in dry matter, protein, and lipid profiles of eggs were significant (P<0.05) among various sources, while variability in egg cholesterol and low density lipoprotein reached 51 and 17.6% (P<0.05), respectively. Egg sources had an effect (P<0.05) on total antioxidant capacity and lipid malonaldehyde. Mineral contents (mg/egg) of the whole edible parts of eggs showed a significant difference (P<0.05) among different egg sources in most of the minerals except for potassium. In conclusion, eggs in the retail market had variable quality and nutrition contents that may affect the fulfillment of the RDA for human and may possibly improve the quality of eggs and their nutritional values. Such diversity indicates the need for uniform of production and husbandry practice, the enforcement of quality control regulations based on egg quality and nutrient profiles by the authorities in the market, and the impact this may have on the health of the consumer.


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