Growth process and magnetic properties of α-FeSe nanostructures

Li, S. J.; Li, D.; Jiang, J. J.; Liu, G. B.; Ma, S.; Liu, W.; Zhang, Z. D.
May 2014
Journal of Applied Physics;2014, Vol. 115 Issue 17, p17B502-1
Academic Journal
Growth process and magnetic properties of PbO-type α-FexSe nanostructures with shape changing from nanocacti to nanopetals and then to nanosheets are investigated. With iron acetylacetonate [Fe(acac)3] and Se powder as raw materials, the diffusion process of Fe atoms dominates the synthesis of α-FexSe nanocacti following phase transitions from FeSe2 to Fe3Se4 and finally to α-FexSe. When a mixed solution containing Se precursor and Fe(acac)3 was used as the raw material, the formation of FeSe2 and Fe3Se4 can be avoided and, bended α-FexSe nanopetals can be prepared at 345 °C, which became flat nanosheets with a [001] preferred orientation as extending the reaction time from 1 to 4 h. No superconducting transition occurs in the α-FexSe (0.84⩽x⩽1.05) nanostructures due to composition heterogeneity or size effect. Magnetic measurements indicate that an antiferromagnetic component with a Néel point at about 45 K dominates the magnetic properties of the α-Fe0.87Se nanosheets.


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