Pulsed laser deposition of high-quality thin films of the insulating ferromagnet EuS

Qi I. Yang; Jinfeng Zhao; Li Zhang; Dolev, Merav; Fried, Alexander D.; Marshall, Ann F.; Risbud, Subhash H.; Kapitulnik, Aharon
February 2014
Applied Physics Letters;2/24/2014, Vol. 104 Issue 8, p1
Academic Journal
High-quality thin films of the ferromagnetic insulator europium(II) sulfide (EuS) were fabricated by pulsed laser deposition on Al2O3 (0001) and Si (100) substrates. A single orientation was obtained with the [100] planes parallel to the substrates, with atomic-scale smoothness indicates a near-ideal surface topography. The films exhibit uniform ferromagnetism below 15.9K, with a substantial component of the magnetization perpendicular to the plane of the films. Optimization of the growth condition also yielded truly insulating films with immeasurably large resistance. This combination of magnetic and electric properties opens the gate for future devices that require a true ferromagnetic insulator.


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