A Characterisation of weak integer additive Set-Indexers of graphs

Sudev, N. K.; Germina, K. A.
February 2014
Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis;Feb2014, p1
Academic Journal
An integer additive set-indexer is defined as an injective function f : V(G) → 2ℕ0 such that the induced function g f : E(G) → 2ℕ0 defined by g f(uv) = f (u)+ f (v) is also injective. An integer additive set-indexer is said to be k-uniform if |g f(e)| = k for all e ∈ E(G). An integer additive set-indexer f is said to be a weak integer additive set-indexer if |g f(uv)| = max(| f (u)|, | f (v)|) for all u, v ∈ V(G). In this paper, we study the characteristics of certain graphs and graph classes which admit weak integer additive set-indexers.


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