Polarization enhancement and coercive field reduction in W- and Mo-doped Bi[sub 3.35]La[sub 0.75]Ti[sub 3]O[sub 12] thin films

Wang, Xusheng; Ishiwara, Hiroshi
April 2003
Applied Physics Letters;4/14/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 15, p2479
Academic Journal
Bi[sub 3.35]La[sub 0.75](Ti[sub 1 - x]W[sub x])[sub 3]O[sub 12] (BLTW) and Bi[sub 3.35]La[sub 0.75]Ts(Ti[sub 1 - x]MO[sub x])[sub 3]O[sub 12] (BLTM) (x = 0.3%, 0.5%, 1%, and 2%) films were fabricated on Pt/Ti/SiO[sub 2]/Si〈100〉 structures by a sol-gel method at 750 °C. The B-site substitution with high-valent cations, W[sup 6+] or Mo[sup 6+], in Bi[sub 3.35]La[sub 0.75]Ti[sub 3]O[sub 12] (BLT) enhanced the remanent polarization and reduced the coercive field of the films. The remanent polarization (2P[sub r]) values of the BLTW05 (x = 0.5%) and BLTM05 (x = 0.5%) films were 26 and 27 µC/cm², respectively, which were higher than that of BLT (20 µC/cm²). The coercive field (2E[sub c]) values of the BLTW05 and BLTM05 films were 125 and 126 kV/cm, respectively, which were much lower than that of BLT (190 kV/cm) and close to that of SrBi[sub 2]Ta[sub 2]O[sub 9] (∼110 kV/cm). These films also showed fatigue-free response up to 2 × 10[sup 9] switching cycles and lower leakage current densities than 4 × 10[sup -7] A/cm² up to 200 kV/cm.


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