Phosphate Flow between Hybrid Histidine Kinases CheA3 and CheS3 Controls Rhodospirillum centenum Cyst Formation

He, Kuang; Marden, Jeremiah N.; Quardokus, Ellen M.; Bauer, Carl E.
December 2013
PLoS Genetics;Dec2013, Vol. 9 Issue 12, p1
Academic Journal
Genomic and genetic analyses have demonstrated that many species contain multiple chemotaxis-like signal transduction cascades that likely control processes other than chemotaxis. The Che3 signal transduction cascade from Rhodospirillum centenum is one such example that regulates development of dormant cysts. This Che-like cascade contains two hybrid response regulator-histidine kinases, CheA3 and CheS3, and a single-domain response regulator CheY3. We demonstrate that cheS3 is epistatic to cheA3 and that only CheS3∼P can phosphorylate CheY3. We further show that CheA3 derepresses cyst formation by phosphorylating a CheS3 receiver domain. These results demonstrate that the flow of phosphate as defined by the paradigm E. coli chemotaxis cascade does not necessarily hold true for non-chemotactic Che-like signal transduction cascades.


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