Electrical and thermal properties of single-crystalline (Ca[sub 2]CoO[sub 3])[sub 0.7]CoO[sub 2] with a Ca[sub 3]Co[sub 4]O[sub 9] structure

Shikano, Masahiro; Funahashi, Ryoji
March 2003
Applied Physics Letters;3/24/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 12, p1851
Academic Journal
Single crystals of (Ca[sub 2]CoO[sub 3])[sub 0.7]CoO[sub 2] were grown using a modified strontium chloride flux technique, and their electrical and thermal properties were determined. Growth conditions were established for obtaining plate-like single crystals of a relatively large size (5 × 10 × 0.05 mm[sup 3]). At 973 K, thermoelectric power S and electrical resistivity p of the specimens are ≈240 µV K[sup -1] and ≈2.3 × 10[sup -5] Ω m, respectively, and their thermal conductivity κ is nearly 3 W m¹ K[sup -1], as determined by mathematical extrapolation. The figure of merit ZT=S²T/ρκ derived therefrom is ≈0.87 at 973 K. The relatively low κ is likely the result of a misfit structure between the CoO[sub 2] layer and the Ca[sub 2]CoO[sub 3] slab.


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