On N = 2 compactifications of M-theory to AdS3 using geometric algebra techniques

Babalic, E. M.; Coman, I. A.; Condeescu, C.; Lazaroiu, C. I.; Micu, A.
November 2013
AIP Conference Proceedings;Nov2013, Vol. 1564 Issue 1, p63
Academic Journal
We investigate the most general warped compactification of eleven-dimensional supergravity on eight-dimensional manifolds to AdS3 spaces (in the presence of non-vanishing four-form flux) which preserves N = 2 supersymmetry in three dimensions. Without imposing any restrictions on the chirality of the internal part of the supersymmetry generators, we use geometric algebra techniques to study some implications of the supersymmetry constraints. In particular, we discuss the Lie bracket of certain vector fields constructed as pinor bilinears on the compactification manifold.


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