SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates IX. KOI-415 b: a long-period, eccentric transiting brown dwarf to an evolved Sun

Moutou, C.; Bonomo, A. S.; Bruno, G.; Montagnier, G.; Bouchy, F.; Almenara, J. M.; Barros, S. C. C.; Deleuil, M.; Díaz, R. F.; Hébrard, G.; Santerne, A.
November 2013
Astronomy & Astrophysics / Astronomie et Astrophysique;Nov2013, Vol. 558, p1
Academic Journal
We report the discovery of a long-period brown-dwarf transiting companion of the solar-type star KOI-415. The transits were detected by the Kepler space telescope. We conducted Doppler measurements using the SOPHIE spectrograph at the Observatoire de Haute- Provence. The photometric and spectroscopic signals allow us to characterize a 62.14 ± 2.69 MJup brown-dwarf companion of an evolved 0.94 ± 0.06 M☉ star in a highly eccentric orbit of P = 166.78805 ± 0.00022 days and e = 0.698 ± 0.002. The radius of KOI-415 b is 0.79+0.12-0.07RJup, a value that is compatible with theoretical predictions for a 10 Gyr, low-metallicity and non-irradiated object.


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