Kupryashkin, V. T.; Sidorenko, L. P.; Feoktistov, A. I.; Lasko, V. A.
September 2013
Nuclear Physics & Atomic Energy;2013, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p271
Academic Journal
The yields near-zero energy electrons(e0-electrons) and fast electrons (erelectrons) in the bombardment of targets of aluminum and titanium by α-particles of 238Pu in die low-energy α-particles region (range 0.9 - 5.5 MeV) were measured. An increase in output e0- and ey-electrons is observed when the energy of α-particles is reduced. Outputs e0-electrons for α-particles of different energies Eα in this area is well described by the dependence (Eα) ∼ Eα-1/2 ∼ v-1 as previously has been observed in our studies of the decay of 226Ra (range 4.7 - 7.6 MeV) and the bombardment of the target by α-particles at cyclotron U-120 (range 9.7 - 24 3 MeV).


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