Implantation site of rare earths in single-crystalline ZnO

Wahl, U.; Rita, E.; Correia, J. G.; Alves, E.; Araújo, J. P.; The ISOLDE Collaboration
February 2003
Applied Physics Letters;2/24/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 8, p1173
Academic Journal
The lattice location of rare-earth [SUP167m]Er in single-crystalline hexagonal ZnO was studied by means of the emission channeling technique. Following 60-keV, room-temperature implantation of the precursor isotope [SUP167]Tm at doses of 1.3-2.8X10[SUP13] cm[SUP-2] and annealing up to 900°C, the angular distribution of conversion electrons emitted by the radioactive isotope [SUP167m]Er was measured by a position-sensitive electron detector. The conversion electron emission patterns from [SUP167m]Er around the [0001], [1 102], [1101], and [2113] directions give direct evidence that the large majority of Er atoms [75%-90%] occupies substitutional Zn sites.


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