Formation of crystalline Si nanodots in SiO[sub 2] films by electron irradiation

Du, Xi-wen; Takeguchi, Masaki; Tanaka, Miyoko; Furuya, Kazuo
February 2003
Applied Physics Letters;2/17/2003, Vol. 82 Issue 7, p1108
Academic Journal
Amorphous SiO[sub 2] transforms into crystalline Si by 200 kV electron irradiation at ambient temperature. The transformation of amorphous SiO[sub 2] to crystalline Si takes place in two steps; the first step involves transformation of amorphous SiO[sub 2] into amorphous Si, while the second step is the crystallization of amorphous Si. Valence electron ionization is determined as the key factor for the transformation from SiO[sub 2] to amorphous Si; beam heating and knock-on displacement are responsible for the transformation from amorphous Si to crystalline Si. The energy threshold for the crystallization of amorphous Si is determined to be 150.2 kV.


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