The kinetics of phase transitions in vitreous chalcogenide semiconductors AsSe and AsSeBi in early stage of physical ageing process

Górecki, Cz.; Górecki, T.
November 2013
Journal of Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry;Nov2013, Vol. 114 Issue 2, p725
Academic Journal
The kinetics of glass transition in selenide glasses AsSe and AsSeBi in early stage of physical ageing process has been investigated by parallel differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and exoelectron emission (EEE). It has been found that the glass transition process occurring in investigated glasses is evidenced by peaks on EEE intensity and DSC curves. Admixture of bismuth causes a distinct lowering of the temperature of glass transitions process both in the surface layer and in the volume. The addition of Bi causes a decrease in the value of the activation energy for glass transition process in both the volume and in the surface layer, thus reducing the thermal stability of investigated glasses. Physical ageing in Se-rich chalcogenide glasses leads to a significant increase of endothermic peak area A, temperature of glass transition T and decrease of the activation energy value E. All these effects are strongly dependent on glass composition.


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