Magnetic properties and surface morphology of layered InSe crystals intercalated with cobalt

Bakhtinov, A.; Boledzyuk, V.; Kovalyuk, Z.; Kudrynskyi, Z.; Lytvyn, O.; Shevchenko, A.
June 2013
Physics of the Solid State;Jun2013, Vol. 55 Issue 6, p1148
Academic Journal
The magnetic properties of layered CoInSe crystals electrochemically intercalated with cobalt in an external magnetic field and without a magnetic field and the morphology of the van der Waals surfaces of layers of these crystals have been investigated. It has been found that the ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature is observed only for CoInSe crystals intercalated in an external magnetic field. These crystals are nanocomposite materials that consist of a layered matrix and arrays of nanorings and nanowires formed from Co nanocrystals on the van der Waals surfaces of the InSe layers. Cobalt nanocrystals in CoInSe crystals have a pyramidal equilibrium shape, which is characteristic of the face-centered cubic crystal structure, and their geometrical sizes are of the order of a few nanometers. The specific features of self-organization of cobalt magnetic nanostructures on the van der Waals surfaces of layered semiconductor crystals during their electrolytic intercalation in a magnetic field and the magnetic properties of these structures have been considered.


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