Neutron capture measurement on 173Lu at LANSCE with DANCE detector

Theroine, C.; Ebran, A.; Méot, V.; Roig, O.; Bond, E. M.; Bredeweg, T. A.; Couture, A.; Haight, R. C.; Jandel, M.; Nortier, F. M.; O'Donnell, J. M.; Rundberg, R. S.; Taylor, W. A.; Ullmann, J. L.; Viera, D. J.; Wilhelmy, J. B.; Wouters, J. M.
June 2013
AIP Conference Proceedings;Jun2013, Vol. 1541 Issue 1, p158
Academic Journal
The (n,γ) cross section on the unstable 173Lu(t1/2 = 1.37y) has been measured from thermal energy up to 200 eV at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) with The Detector for Advanced Neutron Capture Experiements (DANCE). The main aim of this study is to validate and optimize reaction models for unstable nucleus. A preliminary capture yield will be presented in this paper.


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