Spatial modulation of critical current density in niobium based Josephson junctions induced by selective heating

Granata, C.; Petti, L.; Rippa, M.; Rombetto, S.; Ruggiero, B.; Russo, M.; Russo, R.; Vettoliere, A.
June 2013
Applied Physics Letters;6/3/2013, Vol. 102 Issue 22, p222603
Academic Journal
Results about induced spatial modulation of critical current density in niobium based Josephson devices by a selective radiation heating are presented. The localized heating inside a single circuit element with a good spatial resolution (less than 1 μm) is made possible by depositing a carbon film on the desired region exploiting the larger absorbance coefficient of carbon (close to 1) with respect to niobium (about 0.2). Measurements of critical current as a function of the external magnetic field on high quality Josephson junctions at T = 4.2 K evidenced that the critical current density was changed only in the absorber covered region, leaving unchanged the critical current density outside that region and ensuring the capability to locally modify the Josephson critical current density. The experimental data have been compared with theoretical predictions obtained by using a suitable junction barrier model based on step-like barrier shape. Such results are very interesting in view of applications in quantum computing, Majorana fermions detection, and superconducting magnetic sensors.


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