19 μm quantum cascade infrared photodetectors

Zhai, Shen-Qiang; Liu, Jun-Qi; Wang, Xue-Jiao; Zhuo, Ning; Liu, Feng-Qi; Wang, Zhan-Guo; Liu, Xi-Hui; Li, Ning; Lu, Wei
May 2013
Applied Physics Letters;5/13/2013, Vol. 102 Issue 19, p191120
Academic Journal
Two InP based InGaAs/InAlAs photovoltaic quantum cascade detectors operating at peak wavelengths of 18 μm and 19 μm using different electronic transport mechanisms are reported. A longitudinal optical phonon extraction stair combined with energy mini-steps are employed for electron transport, which suppresses the leakage current and results in high device resistance. Altogether, this quantum design leads to 15 K peak responsivity of 2.34 mA/W and Johnson noise limited detectivity of 1 × 1011 Jones at 18 μm.


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