Profiling and Identification of Small rDNA-Derived RNAs and Their Potential Biological Functions

Wei, Haibin; Zhou, Ben; Zhang, Fang; Tu, Yanyang; Hu, Yanan; Zhang, Baoguo; Zhai, Qiwei
February 2013
PLoS ONE;Feb2013, Vol. 8 Issue 2, p1
Academic Journal
Small non-coding RNAs constitute a large family of regulatory molecules with diverse functions. Notably, some small non-coding RNAs matched to rDNA have been identified as qiRNAs and small guide RNAs involved in various biological processes. However, a large number of small rDNA-derived RNAs (srRNAs) are usually neglected and yet to be investigated. We systematically investigated srRNAs using small RNA datasets generated by high-throughput sequencing, and found srRNAs are mainly mapped to rRNA coding regions in sense direction. The datasets from immunoprecipitation and high-throughput sequencing demonstrate that srRNAs are co-immunoprecipitated with Argonaute (AGO) proteins. Furthermore, the srRNA expression profile in mouse liver is affected by diabetes. Overexpression or inhibition of srRNAs in cultured cells shows that srRNAs are involved in various signaling pathways. This study presents a global view of srRNAs in total small RNA and AGO protein complex from different species, and demonstrates that srRNAs are correlated with diabetes, and involved in some biological processes. These findings provide new insights into srRNAs and their functions in various physiological and pathological processes.


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