Kinetics of electric-field-enhanced crystallization of amorphous silicon in contact with Ni catalyst

Kim, Hae-Yeol; Kim, Binn; Bae, Jong-Uk; Hwang, Kwang-Jo; Seo, Hyun-Sik; Kim, Chang-Dong
December 2002
Applied Physics Letters;12/30/2002, Vol. 81 Issue 27, p5180
Academic Journal
Electric-field-enhanced crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon in contact with nickel catalyst (Ni/a-Si:H) has been investigated. In order to elucidate the crystallization kinetics quantitatively, in situ conductivity measurement was used. With the change of Ni dose (4 × 10[sup 13] ∼ 1.3 × 10[sup 15] cm[sup -2]) and annealing temperature (550∼500 °C), crystallization rate varied drastically at the electric field of 33 V cm[sup -1]. The activation energy for the crystallization was found to be strongly dependent on the Ni dose, 85 kJmol[sup -1] for 1.3 × 10[sup 15] Nicm[sup -2], 243 kJmol[sup -1] for 6 × 10[sup 14] Ni cm[sup -2], and 276 kJmol[sup -1] for 4 × 10[sup 13] Ni cm[sup -2], respectively. The polycrystalline silicon films were composed of needle-like crystallites of ∼5 µm (long axis) and their thin-film transistors (TFTs) showed field effect mobility of 43 cm² V[sup -1] s[sup -1].


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