Nonplanar waves with electronegative dusty plasma

Zobaer, M. S.; Mukta, K. N.; Nahar, L.; Roy, N.; Mamun, A. A.
April 2013
Physics of Plasmas;Apr2013, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p043704
Academic Journal
A rigorous theoretical investigation has been made of basic characteristics of the nonplanar dust-ion-acoustic shock and solitary waves in electronegative dusty plasma containing Boltzmann electrons, Boltzmann negative ions, inertial positive ions, and charge fluctuating (negatively charged) stationary dust. The Burgers' and Korteweg-de Vries (K-dV) equations, which is derived by reductive perturbation technique, is numerically solved to examine the effects of nonplanar geometry on the basic features of the DIA shock and solitary waves formed in the electronegative dusty plasma. The implications of the results (obtained from this investigation) in space and laboratory experiments are briefly discussed.


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