Doping for higher thermoelectric properties in p-type BiCuSeO oxyselenide

Lan, Jin-Le; Zhan, Bin; Liu, Yao-Chun; Zheng, Bin; Liu, Yong; Lin, Yuan-Hua; Nan, Ce-Wen
March 2013
Applied Physics Letters;3/25/2013, Vol. 102 Issue 12, p123905
Academic Journal
The low power factor (PF) of BiCuSeO oxyselenide inhibits further improvement on thermoelectric figure of merit in the moderate temperature range. In this Letter, we show that the electron transport properties of doped BiCuSeO oxyselenide can be accurately described in acoustic phonon scattering assumption within the framework of single parabolic band model. It is further found that the doping elements alter the electron transport properties by tuning the effective mass and deformation potential. Based on these understandings, we argue that the higher power factor can be achieved by choosing the doping element based on reducing deformation potential coefficient and decreasing effective mass.


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