Analysis of the weak coupling of the IrMn/Co/Ru/NiFe structures by ferromagnetic resonance

Alayo, W.; Sousa, M. A.; Pelegrini, F.; Baggio-Saitovitch, E.
April 2011
Journal of Applied Physics;Apr2011, Vol. 109 Issue 8, p083917
Academic Journal
The Ir20Mn80/Co/Ru/Ni81Fe19 spin valve structures have been produced by sputtering deposition and analyzed by ferromagnetic resonance. Two well resolved modes are identified in the FMR spectra as the resonance of the Co and NiFe layers. The in-plane angular dependence of the resonance peaks for the NiFe layer present a small asymmetry, which is attributed to the interlayer exchange interaction between ferromagnetic layers across the nonmagnetic spacer. The data were analyzed considering the exchange bias at the IrMn/Co interface and the indirect coupling between Co and NiFe. The in-plane angular dependence of the resonance fields of both Co and NiFe layers present an upward (downward) shift for antiferromagnetic (ferromagnetic) coupling with respect to a system with no interlayer coupling.


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