Magnetic properties and magnetoresistance in small iron oxide cluster assemblies

Peng, D. L.; Asai, T.; Nozawa, N.; Hihara, T.; Sumiyama, K.
December 2002
Applied Physics Letters;12/9/2002, Vol. 81 Issue 24, p4598
Academic Journal
We report the magnetic properties and magnetoresistance (MR) in small iron oxide (Fe[sub 3-x]O[sub 4] and Fe[sub 3]O[sub 4]) cluster assemblies. Half-metallic Fe[sub 3]O[sub 4] cluster assembly with grain size of 10-15 nm is shown to exhibit a MR value of about 8% at T=30 K and a peak around the Verwey transition temperature T[sub v] = 115 K which is a little lower than the T[sub v] value (∼120 K) of single crystal specimens. Even at T=5 K, the magnetization is not saturated in fields up to 50 kOe. The MR behaviors of a Fe[sub 3-x]O[sub 4]-coated iron cluster assembly and a sample which was prepared by embedding the Fe[sub 3-x]O[sub 4]-coated iron clusters into a MgO matrix are also studied for comparison. The MR value of the latter is over one time larger than that of the former and is also larger than those of the Fe[sub 3]O[sub 4] cluster assembly at various temperatures. It suggests that the barrier layer is important for enhancing the MR effect at high temperatures.


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