Realizing intrinsic piezoresponse in epitaxial submicron lead zirconate titanate capacitors on Si

Nagarajan, V.; Stanishevsky, A.; Chen, L.; Zhao, T.; Liu, B.-T.; Melngailis, J.; Roytburd, A. L.; Ramesh, R.; Finder, J.; Yu, Z.; Droopad, R.; Eisenbeiser, K.
November 2002
Applied Physics Letters;11/25/2002, Vol. 81 Issue 22, p4215
Academic Journal
We report on the out-of-plane piezoelectric response (d[SUB33]), measured via piezoresponse scanning force microscopy, of submicron capacitors fabricated from epitaxial PbZr[SUBx]Ti[SUB1-x]O[SUB3] thin films. Investigations on 1 μm[SUP2] and smaller capacitors show that the substrate-induced constraint is dramatically reduced by nanostructuring. At zero field, the experimentally measured values of d[SUB33] for clamped as well as submicron capacitors are in good agreement with the predictions from thermodynamic theory. The theory also describes very well the field dependence of the piezoresponse of clamped capacitors of key compositions on the tetragonal side of the PbZr[SUBx]Ti[SUB1-x]O[SUB3] phase diagram as well as the behavior of submicron PbZr[SUB0.2]Ti[SUB0.8]O[SUB3] (hard ferroelectric) capacitors. However, the field-dependent piezoresponse of submicron capacitors in compositions closer to the morphotropic phase boundary (soft ferroelectrics) is different from the behavior predicted by the theoretical calculations.


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