Potentiometric Determination of Raloxifene by PVC Membrane Sensor

Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Aghili, Sara; Pirali-Hamedani, Morteza; Norouzi, Parviz
November 2012
International Journal of Electrochemical Science;Nov2012, Vol. 7 Issue 11, p10394
Academic Journal
PVC membrane potentiometric sensor was made for determination of raloxifene, an oral selective estrogen receptor modulator, in pharmaceutical formulations. The electrode respond based on ion-exchange mechanism. The ion-pair used as a sensing element in PVC membrane composition was synthesized through the interaction of raloxifene hydrochloride and sodium tetraphenyl borate. The best PVC membrane sensor response was obtained by a membrane composition of 30% PVC, 63% DBP, and 7% ion-pair. The detection limit of the constructed sensor was calculated 8.0x10-6 M. The proposed sensor has a fast response time (less than 10 s). The proposed method was successfully applied in determination of raloxifene in some pharmaceutical formulations.


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