Multifunctional magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles combined with chemotherapy and hyperthermia to overcome multidrug resistance

Yanyan Ren; Haijun Zhang; Baoan Chen; Jian Cheng; Xiaohui Cai; Ran Liu; Guohua Xia; Weiwei Wu; Shuai Wang; Jiahua Ding; Chong Gao; Jun Wang; Wen Bao; Lei Wang; Liang Tian; Huihui Song; Xuemei Wang
January 2012
International Journal of Nanomedicine;2012, Vol. 7, p2261
Academic Journal
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    For the synthesis of FeO@Tween20 nanocomposite, two surfactants (Tween20 and oleic acid) were used to overcome the aggregation. The nanoparticles were used to prepare a water-based FeO@Tween20 nanocomposite using oleic acid and Tween20 as surfactants ( FeO colloidal superparticles were developed...

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