Attenuating Large Magneto-Entropy, Heat-Capacity And Adiabatic Temperature Change in Heusler Ni41-XMn50Sn9+X(X≤≤1.5) Alloys

Prasanna, A. A.; Ram, S.; Ganesan, V.; Samantham, S. Shanmukharao
August 2012
Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering & Applied Sciences;Aug2012, Vol. 3 Issue 4, p601
Academic Journal
A series Ni41-xMn50Sn9+x of Heusler alloys is developed with a partial substitution (x≤1.5) of Ni(4s23d8) by a nonmagnetic Sn(5s24d105p2) in tailoring the martensite ↔ austenite transition with functional magnetocaloric properties. It renders composition sensitive magneto-entropy change ΔSm with an adiabatic temperature change ΔTad in this transition useful for room temperature applications (x≤0.5). The magnetocaloric parameters are estimated from temperature variation of heat-capacity (CP) in a magnetic field (B) and from isothermal magnetization (σ). The σ-B plots give a maximum ΔSm ~ 11.8 J/kg-K in a single phase martensite alloy (x = 0) at a magnetic field change ΔB = 5 T in the transition at temperature TA ~310.5 K. The ΔSm drops slowly to 11.6 J/kg-K at x = 1.0, or 10.8 J/kg-K at x = 1.5 in a single but austenite phase. In the two phase concur results in an abruptly decreased value 3.3 J/kg-K (x ~ 0.5). Bit smaller ΔSm by 3-9% appears in a model temperature CP-variation. A large ΔTad = (-)23.8 K (ΔB = 5 T) found in a single phase alloy (x → 0), decreased marginally to (-) 20.7 K by a substitute Sn → Ni (x = 1.5), values its potential in devising cooling devices.


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