The Hydration-Induced Ca2+ Release Is a General Phenomenon in Characeae

Shimada, Kiyo; Kikuyama, Munehiro; Tazawa, Masashi
October 1996
Plant & Cell Physiology;Oct1996, Vol. 37 Issue 7, p922
Academic Journal
When an internodal cell of Nitella axilliformis that had been treated with 10 mM KCl and 1 mM EGTA was examined for transcellular osmosis, an increase in the cytosolic concentration of Ca2+ on the endoosmotic side was observed, as was the case in Nitella flexilis even though the increase was much smaller in Nitella axilliformis. The hydration-induced calcium release (HICR) was also observed in other species of Characeae, namely, Chara corallina and Nitellopsis obtusa. HICR was also demonstrated in cytoplasm isolated from Nitella axilliformis and Chara corallina as from Nitella flexilis. Thus, it appears that HICR is not specific to Nitella flexilis but may be a general phenomenon in Characeae.


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