Generalized coherent states for polynomial Weyl-Heisenberg algebras

Kibler, Maurice R.; Daoud, Mohammed
August 2012
AIP Conference Proceedings;Aug2012, Vol. 1472 Issue 1, p60
Conference Proceeding
It is the aim of this paper to show how to construct á la Perelomov and á la Barut-Girardello coherent states for a polynomial Weyl-Heisenberg algebra. This algebra depends on r parameters. For some special values of the parameter corresponding to r = 1, the algebra covers the cases of the su(1,1) algebra, the su(2) algebra and the ordinary Weyl-Heisenberg or oscillator algebra. For r arbitrary, the generalized Weyl-Heisenberg algebra admits finite or infinite-dimensional representations depending on the values of the parameters. Coherent states of the Perelomov type are derived in finite and infinite dimensions through a Fock-Bargmann approach based on the use of complex variables. The same approach is applied for deriving coherent states of the Barut-Girardello type in infinite dimension. In contrast, the construction of á la Barut-Girardello coherent states in finite dimension can be achieved solely at the price to replace complex variables by generalized Grassmann variables. Finally, some preliminary developments are given for the study of Bargmann functions associated with some of the coherent states obtained in this work.


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