Akçay, Ergun; Kulaksiz, Recai; Daşkin, Ali; Çebi, Çiğdem; Tekin, Koray
June 2012
Slovenian Veterinary Research;2012, Vol. 49 Issue 2, p97
Academic Journal
The objective of the present studywas to evaluate the effects of pre-freezing sperm concentration (200,400 or 800x106 spermatozoa/ml) using two commercial extenders (Bioexcell® and Andromed®) on post-thaw survival and acrosomal status of ram spermatozoa. Semen samples were obtained from the 5 mature Karayaka rams (aged 2-3 yr) and a total of 30 ejaculates collected from each male twice a week for 3 weeks with the aid of an artificial vagina, during the non-breeding season (February, winter). Semen extended in Bioexcell® or Andromed® diluents, was loaded into 0.25 ml straws and equilibrated at 4°C for 2 h. Straws were frozen in the vapour of liquid nitrogen and then stored at-196°C. Afterthawing (at 37°C for 30 sec), sperm motility, acrosomal status and membrane integritywere assessed. Pre-freezing sperm concentration influenced (P<0.001) frezability of spermatozoa and affected all the in vitro parameters at 400x106 and 800x106 spermatozoa/ml negatively regardless of the extender. Decreasing the sperm concentration into 200x106 spermatozoa/ml influenced positively the percentage of sperm motility and membrane integrity extended in Bioexcell® (40%, 29%) and Andromed®(43%, 32%). The lowest percentage of abnormal acrosomewas also described at lowest sperm concentration (200x106 spermatozoa/ml) in both extenders as 29 and 26%. It was concluded that significant differences exist between the dilution rates orsperm concentrations. Lowersperm concentrations or higherdilution rates with the commercial extenders were better to protect sperm from damages during cryopreservation.


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