Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Cu Substituted Mn-Zn Soft Nanoferrites

Anwar, Humaira; Maqsood, Asghari
August 2012
Journal of Superconductivity & Novel Magnetism;Aug2012, Vol. 25 Issue 6, p1913
Academic Journal
Soft nanoferrites of nominal composition MnCuZnFeO with 0.0≤ x≤0.35 were prepared by chemical co-precipitation method. The formation of single phase spinel structure with different compositions, sizes and macrostructure were confirmed by X-ray diffraction patterns and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) measurements. The lattice parameter decreased with increase in Cu content. The crystallite size of the powder samples varied from 14 to 27 nm. The theoretical density increased with increase in Cu content. Room temperature saturation magnetization was measured as a function of copper content. The saturation magnetization ( Ms) and Bohr magneton ( μ) increases up to x=0.25 due to increased A-B interactions in the ABO type spinel nanoferrites. Dielectric permittivity, dielectric loss tangent and complex impedance plots were studied in the frequency range 20 Hz-5 MHz. Loss peak occurs for all the studied compositions and shifts towards low frequency with increased Cu content. Complex impedance spectroscopic studies confirmed that conduction in the samples is due to grain boundaries. The high values of DC electrical resistivity support this result.


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