Xenon enhancement and third harmonic generated lines in the 3+m-photon ionization spectroscopy of CO (A 1Π←X 1Σ+) in CO+Xe mixtures

Jiang, Bo; Sha, Guohe; Sun, Weizhong; Zhang, Cheng; He, Jinbao; Xu, Su; Zhang, Cunhao
October 1992
Journal of Chemical Physics;10/1/1992, Vol. 97 Issue 7, p4697
Academic Journal
A study of 3+m-photon ionization spectra of CO (A←X) transitions in CO+Xe mixtures shows strong Xe enhancement and the appearance of extra ionization ‘‘lines’’ to the violet end of the respective CO (A←X) vibrational bands. Both facts are adequately interpreted as the result of reabsorption of laser-induced third harmonic generation (THG) in CO+Xe mixtures. The shift of the THG line from the CO (A←X) band origin and its profile, together with their dependence on the CO/Xe pressure ratio, have all been satisfactorily predicted by calculations based on the phase-matching requirement for THG, in which a semiempirical expression for the refractive index of CO is proposed and used with success.


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